a girl's guide to the apocolypse

Look out naysayers and ner'do wells.... I will flap my virtual gums annoying all.. wholesale. I am an equal opportunity nuisance, not very fond of people-especially those who think themselves normal or the status quo. I am an artist and a Punk...within these are the criteria I live my life by. I am a good and honest citizen due to the radical nature of being so. I am the end of the baby boomer generation and have seething, bubbling contempt for the elders of my generation. They have visited upon us many plagues through there arrogance and greed.
I find the two party system, free market as well as feminism a gross and catastrophic failure. I vote third party and it is not a waste of a vote, it allows an illusion of control over the derailed heap of detritus that is our government and social structure. I thank god( he doesn't care if it is capitalized) for my talent and the people he has placed in my life but have no love of organized religion. My current super power is driving away Jehovahs with real, meaningful, and informed theological discussions. Next time they stop in I will get them off that pesky, limiting religion of theirs.

Chance favors a prepared mind. Ansel Adams