Silver Linings..... with most of my opinions I expect this to be unpopular.
With the economy in shambles or bouncing back but tanking then rebounding - I look for positive effects. I and most of my people would thrive with a collapse of the power structure, no not anarchy. I am thinking about a return to regionalism, a bit extreme in this sense but you get my drift. What with us all examining our carbon footprint because there is no lint left in our belly buttons, many are touting buying local! Well DUH!. I am one of the few who is not afraid to say I am not green, let the planet purge us, we deserve it. Where we are now; socially, economically, and spiritually is a result or a culmination of the negative aspects of American Exceptionalism and more loosely Manifest Destiny. We settled this continent because the "Divine" ( no, not the cool one with the hair and fabulous dresses) said we deserve it, it is ours...because. Colonialism brought European destruction to all coasts it could access, 'cuz God said we could? I have, since I have moved to Pennsyltucky 15 years ago, taken extraordinary pleasure from doing business with my neighbors. I have purchased, bartered and spread the word about my local producers. There are three farms within 5 miles of my house that if I don't have my wallet will float me until the next time I see them..."holy Green Acres Batman". I, being a considerate neighbor return immediately with my wallet, but how wonderfully old school. Many of my neighbors, you will not be surprised, don't like me. I wear this like a badge of honor because the people who count recognize my character and commitment to being a good citizen, albeit a salty citizen.
Charlie Manson was once quoted as saying " everybody, the whole world , all the people are f*cked up; I am gonna be normal, I am not gonna f*cked up". This is a compelling statement, not because of the source but the power of the idea. Charlie after all is an idea man. We as a society, since the Industrial Revolution have progressed to a state of ever growing, blind, thoughtless consumerism. The Technological Revolution has made this even easier. It creates this paradox where we are all in touch, we are touchy, feely, we are concerned but we do less. More communication--less action. Our communications and concern are superficial. We pat ourselves on the back at the drop of a hat becuase we think we are good and righteous so must be. We text there for we are. We all don't drive hummers but we are just as guilty because we accept a culture where Hummers are possible and almost a divine right. I don't pretend to be green becuase I don't need to be. I do not accept the status quo, I find mainstream anything offensive.
I fight against Sheeple at any given opportunity, individualism is truly American. Not in a John Wayne, I conquered the west single-handedly, but in a quiet way more akin to Popeye. I am what I am and I fight the good fight. Don't even get me started on Olive Oil.
The best thing that could come out of the economy in shambles or bouncing back but tanking then rebounding is the we as a culture re-examine our values. Why do we need plastic
gee- gaws to bring us pleasure? Why has accomplishment been replaced with purchasing power? Why do we sacrifice our children to McDonald's, Disney and Nintendo?

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